Wednesday, February 15, 2017

MongoDB Node.js Driver Connection Management

Connection management features such as connection pool are common in any frameworks used with Java and MySQL. In this post, I will introduce how to implement the connection management with Node.js and MongoDB.


  • Call MongoClient.connect only once, and reuse the instance.
  • Connection management is done by the driver and the number of connections can be specified in the option of MongoClient.connect.

Sample Code

  • db.js
// Keep the mongoDB connection while the application is running.
var db = null;
module.exports.initialize = co.wrap(function*() {
    db = yield MongoClient.connect("mongodb://...");

module.exports.getById = co.wrap(function*(id) {
var col = db.collection("collection");
    var row = yield col.findOne({_id:id});
  • app.js
var db = require('./db');

    var result = db.getById(0);


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