Sunday, February 26, 2017

Where To Go: Destination Management System

When you travel somewhere, you might have following problems:
  • Which is the nearest spot?
  • How long does it take to go to each spots?
  • How can I go around each spots efficiently?
I have developed an application which can solve these problems.

Where To Go
Source Code: GitHub - unhurried/where-to-go

Functional overview is following.
  • Register the location and metadata (name, category, URL and memo) of a spot.
    • The location can be registered by converting(geocoding) the spot name.
    • Plot the location on the map and adjust it.
    • Store spot data in Local Storage, so can be retained after the browser restart.
  • Show registered spots on the map.
  • If you register the starting point (Home), the distance and the required time for each spot can be calculated.
  • Sort registered spots by category, distance or required time.

This is a by-product of my AngularJS study, and currently only Google Chrome is tested the compatibility. I will add following features when I have time.
  • Make the application compatible with major browsers.
  • Add a function to import and export spot data.
  • Optimize the layout for mobile devices.
  • Display the route from the starting point to the spot.

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