Sunday, May 21, 2017

PlantUML How to Install


  • A Language (DSL) to write UML in a text format.
  • Supported diagrams:
    • Sequence diagram
    • Use case diagram
    • Class diagram
    • Activity diagram
    • Component diagram
    • State diagram
    • Object diagram
    • Deployment diagram (Beta)
    • Timing diagram (Beta)

Try It On Website

  • You can convert the UML text to PNG, SVG or ASCII art on PlantUML website.
  • A URL will be issued to the converted UML and you can embed it on your website.

Set up an environment to use PlantUML with Atom (Windows10)

  1. Install Graphviz

  2. Run Atom and install the PlantUML plugin

    • Select from the menu: File -> Settings -> Install.
    • Search for "plantuml-viewer" and install it.
  3. Change the Settings of PlantUML Plugin

    • Select from the menu: File -> Settings -> Packages -> plantuml-viewer -> Settings.
      • Charset: UTF-8
      • Graphviz Dot Executable: C:\Program Files (x86)\Graphviz2.38\bin\dot.exe (When you installed Graphviz with default settings.)

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